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The following is taken from the book Owning Model S Chapter 1:

Elon Musk often captures the headlines, but considerably less has been written about how Model S came to be. Many people believe that Elon started Tesla Motors and he is acknowledged as a co-founder of the company, but in reality he didn’t join until 2004. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning started the original company in 2003 in San Carlos, California to mass-produce AC Propulsion’s tzero concept car, powered by Lithium-ion batteries.

Upon joining Tesla Motors, Elon set out to transform the company into something much greater. In 2006 Elon wrote:

...the overarching purpose of Tesla Motors (and the reason I am funding the company) is to help expedite the move from a mine-and- burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy...”[1]

  • STEP 1: Build a low volume, high cost electric car as a development platform. Code named DarkStar, the result was Roadster, launched in 2008.
  • STEP 2: Take the lessons learned from Step 1 and build a mid-volume, premium car. Code named WhiteStar, the result was Model S, launched in 2012.
  • STEP 3: Take the lessons from Step 2, incorporate advances in battery technology, and build a high volume, low-cost car. Code named BlueStar, it is targeted to be launched in 2017–2018 and rumored to be called Model 3 (or Model Ξ).

The goal (at least for Elon) was not to build a successful car company per se, but to prove to the large auto markers that it was possible to create a successful, sustainable, electric car company, thereby spurring them to en- ter the market more aggressively than they would otherwise do.