Q: What is "Typical" range?

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My car has Rated range and Typical Range. What does "Typical" mean?


When Tesla designed Model S, the design goal was for a 300 mile range. In the US, the EPA 2-cycle test conducted in mid 2012 yielded the 300 miles. In the US, Tesla named this 'Ideal' range. In Europe they chose (for some unknown reason) to name this 'Typical' range. So Typical and Ideal are the same thing, just in different geographies. To achieve Typical range you need to drive at 88 kh/h on a flat road with no wind and no climate control.

I've found that a useful rule-of-thumb to estimate the "actual" range for my style of driving (average around 70 mph / 110 kph) on freeways is to deduct about 10% from the car's stated range. So, for example if after a 100% charge, the car estimates my range to be 260 miles, in fact I can expect only about 235 miles (at approximately 330 Wh / mile average).