Q: Top Ten Tips for Model S Owners

From Tesla Motors Wiki

  1. Just because you can beat anything away from a traffic light, you don't have to. Enjoy the Tesla Grin without doing anything dangerous.
  2. If anything isn't working (radio, maps, phone, A/C) try the 'two-thumb-reboot'. Press and hold the two thumb wheels for 5 seconds and the touch screen display will reboot. You can safely do this while you are driving. You can also reboot the instrument cluster by pressing and holding then releasing the buttons above the scroll wheels.
  3. Use the two-bucket-wash technique to keep your baby sparking clean and avoid paint swirls.
  4. Don't max-charge your car unless you need to. Regular charging to 80-85% will keep your battery in tip-top condition.
  5. If you get caught in a running-out-of-charge situation, remember that the closer to 25 mph you go, the further you'll travel, and that when the Rated Range hits zero you still have about 15 emergency miles left. This 'reserve' may change with future software versions, so don't assume you can rely on it, plus you risk damaging the battery if you run it to absolute empty.
  6. Supercharging from 0%-80% is super quick. Charging from 80-100% will take the same time as 0-80%. Unless you really, really need to, don't try to squeeze the last few kWh into the battery.
  7. Regen set to 'Standard' (vs Low) will give you braking and the best regeneration, but it can be a bit jerky for passengers if you let off too quickly. Get used to gently lifting off - and watch out when you disengage cruise control - the same thing will happen.
  8. Cruise control has two detents - push up or down to get 1 mph increments/decrements in speed, or push further to get +/- 5mph
  9. 17" display is on but car won't go into gear? It is probably still in sleep mode. Try pressing the brake pedal harder than you normally would. Car should turn on normally.
  10. Get a copy of my book Owning Model S