Q: Top Ten Tips before buying Model S

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Top Ten Tips before buying Model S


  1. Model S is designed and built to order. Use the Tesla Online Configurator to make your design choices and see the cash, finance and leasing options, along with any federal and state benefits.
  2. Examine the price carefully in the configurator. Tesla includes federal and state discounts, and in some cases makes assumptions on fuel savings. They are all called out separately, but it is easy to miss them.
  3. Try to see the cars in person as the colors on the website don't accurately reflect the real-world colors.
  4. You can test drive Model S at any retail location, and Tesla is happy to give test drives to pretty much anyone!
  5. You have up to two weeks between placing your order and confirming the configuration, so even after you've placed the order you have time to play with the online configurator and make changes. (The two week period can be wiaved and the order confirmed immediately.)
  6. If you don't have off-street parking for your Model S, think about how you are going to charge it.
  7. It is impossible to add rear-facing child seats after purchase due to structural changes to the rear of the vehicle, so be careful when you make the decision.
  8. You may find the amount you drive goes up because you'll find excuses to drive Model S - it is so much fun!
  9. For further buying advice, check out my book, Owning Model S.