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The Tesla Motors Model S Performance 85 kWh variant (P85) was one of the first four Model S variants introduced (the others were the S40, S60 and S85) in June 2012.

The 85 kWh variant was originally quoted at 265 miles of Rated Range, and 300 miles of Ideal Range (Typical Range in Europe).

The Performance model differed from the standard S85 variant in its use of an uprated inverter and motor capable of delivering 416 hp and 450 lb.ft of torque, delivering a 0-60 mph time of 4.2 seconds (originally 4.4 seconds prior to the 4.5 software version)

Some owners criticized the soft handling of the P85 given its power. In response to this Tesla introduced the P85+ variant featuring enhanced, tuned suspension and staggered (wider) rear tires.

The P85 was withdrawn from sale on Oct 9, 2014 when the all-wheel drive 'D' variants were introduced.