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Tesla Motors' second car is the Model S. An all-electric 5-seat sports sedan, the Model S boasts a range of 265 miles, and in its performance guise a top speed of 130 mph, 416 hp and zero-to-sixty miles per hour in 4.2 seconds.

A Brief History

  • JUNE 30, 2008: Model S is announced via a press release
  • MARCH 26, 2009: the prototype Model S is displayed at a press conference
  • MAY 2010: Tesla announces Model S will be built at the former NUMMI plant in Fremont, California
  • JUNE 29, 2010: Tesla floats on the NASDAQ, raising $226 million
  • OCTOBER 1, 2011: Elon drives the Model S beta onto the stage at the factory, to cheers from hundreds of reservation holders and employees
  • JUNE 22, 2012: the first ten “Founders” cars roll off the production line
  • AUGUST 11, 2012: Signature #1 (of 1000) is delivered to Jason Calacanis
  • AUGUST 7, 2013: Model S deliveries outside North America start (Norway)
  • JANUARY 2014: Tesla announces that nearly 22,500 Model S were delivered in 2013

A much more detailed timeline covering the history of Tesla Motors and the Model S can be found here

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