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Imagine a five-seat luxury sedan. Leather and veneer interior. Smooth. Quiet. Refined. Now imagine that it can do zero to sixty in less than five seconds yet is the safest car in America. Sounds like a car that many drivers would aspire to own. Now imagine that it has the fuel economy of a small motorcycle. And that it gets free upgrades every month, without visiting the dealer. And can travel long distances for free, forever, on sunlight.

Not science fiction. Not something from the future. This is Tesla MotorsModel S, available today.

This wiki explains some of the key concepts behind the amazing all-electric car, the charging infrastructure, and answers many of the questions that owners and prospective owners have. The site also includes information about Tesla Motors, the huge factory in Fremont, California, the new "Gigafactory" battery facility in Nevada, and the upcoming sister car to the Model S, the Model X.

Where to start

This site uses the same wiki engine as Wikipedia, so if you know how to use that you know how to use this! But here are a few suggestions nonetheless:

  1. Follow any of the links on this page to start exploring, going from link to link. Why not start by learning a bit more about my book Owning Model S.
  2. Check out my Top Ten Tips before buying Model S and my Top Ten Tips for Model S Owners
  3. Head on over to the Questions page for some of the most frequently asked questions about Tesla and the Model S, or check out the Glossary for some common electric vehicle terms.
  4. If you haven't chosen your license plate yet, check out the List of Model S License Plates for some ideas.
  5. If you are planning a trip, check out the List of Superchargers to get up to date info on what amenities are nearby each Supercharger
  6. Browse this wiki using the 'random page' link, or via the special pages link. Depending on which 'skin' you are using you'll either find these links in the sidebar on the left, or in the drop downs in the top navigation bar.
  7. Within Special Pages you'll find links to every page and to the list of categories.
  8. Use the search box - you might get lucky!

If you see something that is wrong, or if you want to contribute something, check out the next section, below.

About this site

This site is a project by Nick Howe, author of Owning Model S. The site is designed to accompany the book, although owning the book is in no way necessary to make use of this site.

For more information about Tesla Motors, check out Tesla Motors' official website

Note: If something isn't covered by this Wiki, please feel free to add it yourself, or just add a note to the Requested Pages page and we'll take care of it. If you'd like to contribute but aren't sure where to start, there is a list of most wanted pages.

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