List of Superchargers

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Here you'll find Model S owner-contributed information about Superchargers - where to eat near by, how easy they are to find, and other tips for each location.

This list of Superchargers is currently incomplete, and we are in the process of adding the other Superchargers.

North America

USA(35 C)
Arizona(10 P)
California(19 P)
Colorado(5 P)
Connecticut(7 P)
Delaware(1 P)
Florida(8 P)
Georgia(3 P)
Illinois(5 P)
Indiana(2 P)
Kansas(4 P)
Maryland(3 P)
Massachusetts(3 P)
Michigan(1 P)
Minnesota(2 P)
Montana(6 P)
Nevada(2 P)
New Jersey(3 P)
New Mexico(2 P)
New York(3 P)
North Carolina(4 P)
Ohio(3 P)
Oregon(5 P)
Pennsylvania(3 P)
Rhode Island(1 P)
South Carolina(1 P)
South Dakota(3 P)
Tennessee(1 P)
Texas(5 P)
Utah(7 P)
Virginia(3 P)
Washington(4 P)
West Virginia(1 P)
Wisconsin(5 P)
Wyoming(2 P)



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